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It’s rough being over 40 in Silicon Valley. Older workers try lawsuits, learning more stuff, re-do’s, maybe even surgery, to keep fit in enough to keep working.

Evidence Is Piling Up — Silicon Valley Is Being Destroyed

18 Environmental Doomsday Predictions From 1970 That Turned Out To Be Hilariously Wrong

Anti-cowbell Campaigner Described As Annoying, Now Denied A Swiss Passport.

Video Catches Clinton Campaign Operatives Admitting They Incited Violence At Trump Rallies

Cheating To Win The Election Of A Criminal

You are exposed everyday to chemicals that disrupt your hormonal system & natural body functions.

Los Angeles water department watered fake grass during drought.

Full Circle: Cal State U black students demand segregation.

Is this a cause of increasing rates of Alzheimer’s?

Cafe charges rude customers higher prices.

US national debt reached $19.5 trillion, increased by $10 trillion under Obama.

Lake Como tourists are forced to step over migrants at the train station rather than mingle with the George Clooney family. Up to 500 migrants were sent back to Italy from Switzerland.

Profs demand belief in MMGW or resign from our class.

Homeless Chic? Sneakers mocking the poor? Covered with duct tape selling for $585?

Chicago starts building city-wide “fitness tracker”.

St. Jude’s implanted heart defibrillators & pacemakers may be vulnerable to hacking.

New LIDAR chip for self-driving vehicles is the size of a dime & costs $10 to manufacture.

Self-driving cars may not have all the parts that drivers have come to expect.

The older we get, the happier we become.

US VP Biden was snubbed in Turkey.

ObamaCare drops “You can keep your doctor” from its web site.

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